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Institutional Background

NEDI is a public institution under the Ministry of youth and sport (MoYS) and was established by an act of Parliament in 2013 (NEDi act 2013) as part of Government strategic endeavors in empowering youth and women of the country.

The main purpose of establishing NEDI is to empower the Gambian youth and women, through entrepreneurship and enterprise development. NEDI conducts training in basic business skills and provides loans and micro finance support to operate small businesses in the informal sector; as well as providing business advisory services, mentoring and coaching to ensure enterprise sustainability as its core mandate.

As an institution that is established to work with young people, it nurtures, promoteand facilitate the development of youth and women-led enterprises through the provisions of livelihood skills trainings, entrepreneurships as well as creating theopportunities for market linkages for youth and women enterprises.

It served as a platform to develop young entrepreneurs and build the entrepreneurial spirit concept of driving the economy and regaining the enterprise industry.It envisages women and youth-led ownership of enterprises to contribute to theGDP of the country.
VISION: “The Platform for Entrepreneurially Empowered and Independent Youth and Women”
MISSION: “To Empower Gambian Youth and Women through the Provision of Training in Entrepreneurship and Investment, Loans to Operate Businesses in the Informal Sector and Business Advice to Ensure Investment Sustainability.”

Success Stories

  1. Promote the establishment of 14 Youth Agricultural service centers in collaboration with the FASDEP project under the Ministry of Agriculture in WCR, LRR & NBR.
  2. Trained more than 1,500 youth and women including returnees on General Entrepreneurship including returnees within the regions of GBA, KM,LRR, NBR, CRR& URR, of which more than 60% already established their businesses (NEDi Tracer study report 2019).
  3. Trained 145 youth and women in Agro-entrepreneurship (food processing, packaging, labeling & preservation on agricultural produce) with funding from GIZ project, of which 90% of the trainees (individuals & groups) are all engaged.
  4. Provided Grant financial support to 60 youth and women entrepreneurship as part of the Youth Revolving Loan Fund with 100% funding from Government.
  5. Trained 100 returnees in NBR & CRR/S including the last shipwreck victims in Business development and coaching who are all currently engage in the country with the assurance never to embark on a similar journey, with funding from IMVF.
  6. Support to the establishment of Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC).
  7. Assisted 120 youth and women entrepreneurs to develop their own business plans to access financial support from other partners.
  8. Support to the establishment of 9 processing centers with solar power which has created 36 employment for youth and women in different communities in LRR funded by GIZ Project.
  9. Currently in partnership with most of the EU projects in complementing Government efforts in youth empowerment and employment creation.