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The Minister of Youth and Sports during NEDI convergence at Pakalinding

We are different in the way we think and do things. We are trusted. Established in 2015, AU Watch is non-partisan, non-profit research and evidence-driven organization. Our thinking and ‘Just Imperative’ is the cornerstone of our credibility and our success. We have simply refused to accept the status quo. We accept that a huge part of the truth is that, we as Africans have not been kind to ourselves. A better way is possible and doable, because we are not your usual African CSO. We think outside the box, allowing us to develop fresh ideas, challenge orthodoxies and take the risks we need to succeed.

We are innovative in the ways in which we generate ideas, bring people together, communicate our work and increase our influence. The changes we seek require local knowledge, new relationships and perspectives, and credibility with decision-makers.

NEDi exists to have real impact for those who need it most. This is at the centre of our thinking about what to do, where to go and how we measure our success.

Opportunities Available

  1. Youth entrepreneurship hub, which offers access to computers and free internet services for youth, as well as business support and advice from our volunteers.
  2. Training opportunities for youth in the areas of: General entrepreneurship, Business plan development, Agricultural value chain skills (processing and preservation, horticulture, beekeeping& bakery).
  3. Business development / advisory services and mentoring.
  4. Provide Support to the establishment of viable enterprises.
  5. Support youth entrepreneurs to access markets (participation to both local and international exhibitions and radio talk show programs).
  6. Link youth entrepreneurs and organizations to relevant projects/partners for possible support and collaboration.
  7. Support youth participation on study tour through exchange visit both local and international.
  8. Provide support access to Finance (Grants & Loans).