National Enterprise Development Initiative
The vision of Tomorrow
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United Nations Development Programme: Supported NEDI through GAMJOBS Project in 2009 to provided micro finance facility to women and youths through. NEDI also continue to benefit from the UNDP-CPAP funds, in the form of funds for training of youth and women entrepreneurs and establishment of a NEDI Juice Processing Plant.
Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency: NEDI collaborates with GIEPA to support youths and women entrepreneurs through EMPRETEC project.
Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project: GCP provided NEDI with funds to train 350 youths across the country on entrepreneurship development through a Matching Fund Agreement.
Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry: The Chamber organizes annual trade fairs, in which NEDI is a key stakeholder and participate as the enterprise arm of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The event serves as a platform to showcase youth and women entrepreneurs and their products, thereby inspiring them and others to engage in the enterprise sector of the economy.