National Enterprise Development Initiative
The vision of Tomorrow
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NEDI Provides credit to women and youth to help them better operate and manage small scale businesses. Such credit are for those who are already operating businesses or those who want to venture into business. In addition to loans, NEDI also helps them in the provision of relevant information, training and other logistics/resources which contribute in facilitating a smooth running of their business. It is gratifying to note that so far the experience and results from the interventions for the most part been positive, although loan repayments remain has been a bit challenging. However, with the advent of the newly developed NEDI loan policy, such challenge will be gradually addressed in future
The purpose of the credit is mainly to provide capital for start ups and existing businesses for income generation as well as assist the beneficiaries to improve and sustain their products and services in the market. Base on the strategic relevance of our target in the fight to reducing poverty, beneficiaries of the NEDI credit have to pay only 7% of loan they receive and over the payment period as in line with the NEDI Loan Policy