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NIDI serves as a platform to develop young entrepreneurs and build the entrepreneurial spirit concept of driving the economy and regaining the enterprise industry.It envisages women and youth-led ownership of enterprises to contribute to theGDP of the country. This is how we do it


General entrepreneurship closing photos

NEDI has implemented series of entrepreneurship activities, including business plan development to harness the potentials of the existing and interested youth and women entrepreneurs and enable them engage in business.
Youth and women entrepreneurs were provided with the required training and support to improve in their performance within the market environment.These trainingsinclude general entrepreneurship, agro-entrepreneurship and business plan development for potential and existing youth and women entrepreneurs.

The training on entrepreneurship is designed to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and skills, on how to start, manage and operate a business enterprise. It is also meant to:-

  • Provide support to youth and women entrepreneurs across the country through building their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge
  • To strengthen the link between youth entrepreneurs and financial institutions through entrepreneurship
  • Enhanced the youth entrepreneurs with basic skill of business management and networking to improve performances of their businesses

As the enterprise arm of Ministry of Youth and Sports, we implement mentoring and coaching services to trained beneficiaries and during the period under review, beneficiaries are mentored for creating greater quality planning and execution of their business plans at the community level. Apart from the mentors who were deployed in the fields, robust assessments of the performance of the mentors are also monitored by the NEDI’s Enterprise Development unit to ensure that they executed their work in the field.


Individual (face-face) and group mentorship in rural communities


Supported stalls during the GCCI International trade fair

The institution participates and supports youth and women entrepreneurs during GCCI International trade fairs, andthat has given the beneficiaries the opportunity to showcase their products and services.

There were 20 supported enterprises, 8 male and 12 female who are engage in different business mostly Gambian local made products such as, Food and juice processed products, selling of garden products, retail of local produced fabric.This creates a platform for networking with other businesses and promotion of their products for wider marketing opportunities.

As part of its mandates to empower Gambian youth and women, NEDI continues to seek partnership support with various agencies and projects.FASDEP Ministry of Agriculture supported one of those interventions and partnerships, geared toward the fully implementation of the Youth Agricultural Service Centre.


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