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National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) being a Government sub vented institution under the Ministry of Youth and Sports is the enterprise arm of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It also falls under the Office of the Vice President, but given its nature of operations, made to be supervised as one of the units of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The main purpose of its establishment is to empower the Gambian youth and women, through entrepreneurship and enterprise development. The institution conducts training in basic business skills and provides micro finance support to operate small businesses in the informal sector; as well as providing business advisory services, mentoring and coaching to ensure sustainability as its core mandate.

As an institution, it nurtures, promote as well as facilitate the development of youth-led enterprises through provisions of livelihood skills trainings, entrepreneurships as well as creation and facilitation of market linkages for youth and women. NEDI served as a platform to develop young entrepreneurs and build the entrepreneurial spirit concept of driving the economy and regaining the enterprise industry. It envisages the youth-led production particularly on agripreneurship in order to contribute and increase the GDP of the country.

VISION: “The Platform for Entrepreneurially Empowered and Independent Youths and Women”
MISSION: “To Empower Gambian Youth and Women through the Provision of Training in Entrepreneurship and Investment, Loans to Operate Businesses in the Informal Sector and Business Advice to Ensure Investment Sustainability.”
This report presents thesummary activities implemented during the year ended 2017 as in line with the mission and vision of empowering youth and women for the purpose of employment creation.

2. Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development

NEDI conducted series of livelihood and enterprise management skills training in different communities of the country. These include:

I. Entrepreneurship Skill Training

  • 40 youth beneficiaries trained and certificated on Entrepreneurship
  • 40 youth beneficiaries trained and certificated on Business plan Development

The above entrepreneurship trainings were funded through Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) partnership. The training were attended by forty (40) participants of which twenty two (22) were female and eighteen (18) were male. The age range of all participants falls within the age of 18 to 35 years. The activity was part of a MoU implemented activity,and aimed to:-

  • To equip participants with the knowledge and skills on how to start, manage and operate a business.
  • Provide support to youth and women enterprises across the country through building their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge
  • To strengthen the link between youth entrepreneurs and financial institutions through entrepreneurship
  • Enhanced the youth entrepreneurs with basic skill of business management and networking for their businesses


Participants during entrepreneurship training
Group of trainees after the training