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Building sustainable social enterprises for the communities
working to combat cycles of poverty and all its forms
Strengthening the community

Institutional Background

NEDI is a public institution under the Ministry of youth and sport (MoYS) and was established by an act of Parliament in 2013 (NEDi act 2013) as part of Government strategic endeavors in empowering youth and women of the country. The main purpose of its establishment is to empower the Gambian youth and women through enterprise development, as a means of sustainable employment creation and better livelihood.

The Journey so far………

  • Trained more than 1,500 youth and women including returnees on General Entrepreneurship including returnees within the regions of GBA, KM,LRR, NBR, CRR& URR, of which more than 60% already established their businesses (NEDi Tracer study report 2019).
  • Trained 145 youth and women in Agro-entrepreneurship (food processing, packaging, labeling & preservation on agricultural produce) with funding from GIZ project, of which 90% of the trainees (individuals & groups) are all engaged.
  • Support to the establishment of 9 processing centers with solar power which has created 36 employment for youth and women in different communities in LRR funded by GIZ Project.


To Empower Gambian Youth and Women through the Provision of Training in Entrepreneurship and Investment, Loans to Operate Businesses in the Informal Sector and Business Advice to Ensure Investment Sustainability


Platform for Entrepreneurially Empowered and Independent Youth and Women”

Target Group

-Individuals and Associations
-Must be a Gambian by nationality
-Male youths within the ages of 18 – 35 (National youth Policy)
-Women of all ages (active)


NEDI has implemented some capacity need in areas of training and exposure on both academic and professional training supported to build the capacity of staff and expand their technical knowledge for efficient and effective service delivery to the beneficiaries.